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We would happy to meet with you in one of your by appointment only showrooms to discuss the details of your or your client's project.

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About Us

We now create our exclusive flooring exactly to customer specifications- individually and with the greatest care.  We first compile all the necessary information about the project and its technical requirements and we then create your unique floor.

Living responsibly:
Sustainability is very important to us and for this reason we work exclusively with selected woods, which, as far as possible, originate from our local forests.  We will be pleased to provide you with any information you require about our certified products.

First-class craftsmanship:
For over 50 years, our skills and creativity have faced new challenges on a regular basis.  This has led to the continual development of new procedures to best showcase the natural growth and uniqueness of the woods we use.

Nothing can characterize the ambiance of your home better than wood floors.  We are one of the few produces who fulfill your personal specifications to the very last detail.  We guarantee that our manufacturing processes and our personal dedication to the value and quality of the wood used will provide you with the highest grade product available.

Wood lives:
Wood works, wood breathes, wood lives!  Wood fascinates - both us and our customers.  The growth, color, and structure of wood tell us much about its past and with this knowledge we create its future forms.